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I had previously written:
The current rumor circulating on the USENET news group alt.disney.disneyland is that the Lion King Celebration floats will be packed up and shipped to Walt Disney World in Florida to reincarnate the Lion King Celebration at the new animal-based theme park, Disney's Animal Kingdom, set to open in 1998.

That would be a joy if true, but I can't imagine assembling a whole new group of performers and rekindling the magic that surrounds the current cast. But I'd definitely plan a trip to Florida to see it!

The rumor turned out to be true. The floats (just the floats) were shipped to Florida and used in a new theater-seating show (not a parade) called Festival of the Lion King. I haven't seen the show yet and I don't yet know of a site with good photos yet but when I find one, I will link it here. I understand that the costumes are completely redesigned to be more like the Lion King stage show on Broadway (which I also haven't seen yet).

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