My First Quilt -- Log Cabin ('92)

Pattern: From the Quilt in a Day "Log Cabin" book. Full-size.

Fabric: Cotton

Batting: Super thick poly batting -- could only be tied. I remember paying $60 for the batting and feeling ripped off...well, I was! You can buy batting nowadays for $20-$30, precut in twin, full, queen, king sizes. This quilt was "turned" so the side seams are internal. Turning quilts means waiting til you can get 3 or 4 people together to help you. When I'm sewing a quilt I usually complete the top and the sandwiching in a few days time--I want to get it done fast, and it has to be doable by myself at midnight!

Notes: I made this during a Quilt in a Weekend getaway. 25 quilters and their machines trooped off into the Ramona mountains so each of us could complete a quilt in a single weekend. (We did bring pre-cut fabric, tho.) We repeatedly tripped the fuse in the main dining hall which we repeatedly re-set (I bet that was good for the electrical system). I also remember forgetting, in the excitement, to pack any extra underwear or socks... Also remember being the youngest there... We stayed up til 2am or later each night and actually did finish (I finished tying the damn thing in the car on the drive back).

I haven't dared to wash this, for fear it will fall apart; I don't really trust the batting in tied quilts to hold together in the wash. I like the colors, although if I were to do a Log Cabin again, Iwould use the traditional red in the center of the blocks.