The Cris-Cros Star Quilt ('94).

Pattern: Self designed. Price Club was selling solid-color twin-size flannel sheet sets for $15 which was less than what the equivalent yardage would cost in the fabric store, so I bought five sets (dk blue, maroon, dk green, pink, white, teal). I then sat down to design a quilt. Instead of triangles, though, I decided squares would be easier to manage. At this time I was making lap quilts, instead of bed sized quilts that took forever! This one is 50" square. There is a mistake in how I sewed the pattern--the green triangles that point inward were meant to be one half of a diamond shape (I forgot to make the triangle patch that makes up the other half of the diamond).

Fabric: Cheap solid-color flannel, with pink flannel backing.

Batting: Medium thick polyester. Tied. I really don't care for the curved upholstery needle I use for tying--it's painful. I look forward to using my new Bernina 160 to help me with tying (you can stitch in place to create the knots).

Notes: I bound this quilt the way I do all my quilts, which is to trim the backing to 1/2", fold over once, then fold over the front and sew along the folded edge all the way around (lapped edge?). I was worried that a quilt made out of a fabric of such loose weave would not last, but it has so far. The only disintegration I've noticed in my quilts is when I haven't sewn a good 1/4" seam. A narrow seam will NOT last long.