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Day 6: Tokyo Disneyland. We started the morning at what we thought was an early time, catching an 8am subway. We had to change to the JR Keiyo line train at Tokyo Station and we thought we knew where we were going since we had seen signs on a previous day. Well, we were wrong. As we followed the signs, we came to a long hall way. We walked and walked and walked. Luckily with our JR Rail Pass, the train was free and only took 15-20 minutes (in addition to the subway time). The Maihama station at the Disney Resort was jam packed with people. All told it took over an hour from leaving our hotel to arriving at the Disneyland gate. This photo is not actually the main gate, this is just the walkway toward Disneyland.

We're inside the front gates now. This is World Bazaar, Tokyo Disneyland's equivalent to Main Street USA. Except for the glass ceiling, the building facades look very much like the Main Streets at other Magic Kingdoms but there are no horse-drawn carriages or other vehicles: too crowded.

Another difference This is looking back toward World Bazaar. The lawn looks like a putting green (immaculate); gardeners are sweeping the lawn with brooms.

The beautiful Cinderella Castle looks very much like the one at Walt Disney World in Florida.

We had heard that the Winnie the Pooh ride was the most popular at the park. So our plan was to heard there and get Fastpasses. We were astounded by what we saw. The line just for Fastpasses stretched out to infinity and we estimated over an hour wait to get a Fastpass!

This is the entrance to Tomorrowland, which again looks very similar to the one in Florida.

On the other hand, the Pirates of the Caribbean looks very much like the one at Disneyland in California.

New Orleans Square looks similar to Disneyland as well. There's Cafe Orleans on the left and the Blue Bayou farther down on the right. No Club 33, though. Instead, there's a gift shop at #33.

This is actually a counter service restaurant called Boiler Room Bites, serving rice bowls with various toppings (e.g., Spicy Taco Beef). All of the bowls include poached egg. The ship is marked "20,000 Leaks".

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