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Day 9: Kyoto. We are in Tokyo station ready to board our "300-series" Shinkansen train for Kyoto.

The Shinkansen train stretches out of sight (16 cars long).

Our funny train food. This is a sandwich that seems to be made up of parts of several different flavors of sandwiches.

We caught a glimpse of Mt. Fuji on the way.

We've arrived in Kyoto and this is the outside of Hiiragiya Ryokan. We regret this hastily snapped photo is the only photo we took of the outside. The door is along the side street on the left behind the cars. The building stretches away on the right hand side.

Upon arrival, we are taken to our room where we are given green tea, regular tea, and a sweet.

Our room is very traditional. The flooring is made of tatami mats and dominating the room is a large table. Outside we have a small, peaceful garden.

They had asked us to pay in cash unexpectedly, and we figured we had exactly enough with about 20 cents to spare but this left us no way to get more cash or even a taxi. So we went out in search of a cash machine that would take foreign ATM cards. These are few and far between and we walked and walked. This machine was one we shouldn't have used because it took Teri's American Express card and wouldn't give it back.

At least the drawing of the lady looked very apologetic. Luckily there was a phone and even though nobody on the other end spoke English someone came out of the building and somehow got the machine to release her card. Back at the ryokan, we begged them to take our credit card and they acquiesced.

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