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by Teri and Allyn Fratkin

These images were taken on September 27 and 28, 1997, mostly at Disneyland and the Disneyland hotel.

They were downloaded from the camera with the Olympus Utility Software, C-2.1W95E. The default (unchecked) file format was selected, which theoretically means these images are the exact output of the camera. They have not been edited in any way.

The camera chooses a variable JPEG quality (compression) setting to force each image below a maximum size. The quality setting chosen for each image is noted below as Q=. A higher number means higher quality and less compression.

Most of the images were taken in SQ mode since I had only a single 2MB SmartMedia card. Two of the images are available in both SQ and HQ1 (low HQ).

The thumbnails were created with ImageMagick at Q=55.

Flowers using the Macro capability, SQ, Q=65. This image looks fairly good despite a low quality setting.

Monorail Red at the Disneyland hotel, SQ, Q=83.

Sleeping Beauty Castle, SQ, Q=82.

Sleeping Beauty Castle at night, SQ, Q=90.

Flowers, Macro mode, SQ, Q=33. The texture of leaves and bushes is difficult to compress, hence the extremely low quality setting.

Flowers, Macro mode, HQ1, Q=57. See text at left.

Laod Bhang sign, SQ, Q=80.

It's a Small World, SQ, Q=81.

It's a Small World, HQ1 (``low HQ''), Q=82.

Koi pond, Disneyland hotel, SQ, Q=74.

Koi pond, Disneyland hotel, SQ, Q=73.

Teri and Abominable Snowman, SQ, Q=64.

Allyn and fountain, SQ, Q=79.

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