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We've decided to go to Uchita to visit the town where Teri's ancestors are from. We took some sort of "limited express" train to Osaka, where we have to change trains. This is an example of the confusing train signage. One of these trains goes to Wakayama, where we need to transfer to another train. Can you tell which train goes to Wakayama? You probably can't see it on your screen, but the station names are written in English. We gave up on trying to read this sign and found another one that was almost as confusing but we eventually figured out. Can you believe we actually made it onto the right train?

This is a typical outfit that Japanese girls wear. Miniskirts and boots even though the temperature is in the 50's. We have many layers of clothing on.

On the way to Wakayama.

We've made it to Wakayama. On this map, Wakayama is the red spot near the top of the map (city name in blue letters on yellow background) and we're headed to Uchita, the third white spot on the blue line that stretches out toward the right (just above the rainbow parachutist). We have to change trains to a "local" train to get to Uchita, which is way out in the country.

While waiting for the train we stop for a snack (steamed bun). The filling? Not pork, not chicken. Pizza!

The rural countryside.

As you can see the train stations are pretty minimalistic way out in the country. The stations are unmanned and have no wickets so your ticket is shown to the train engineer before exiting.

At last we have arrived in Uchita!

This is looking out from the door of the train station. There are a couple of convenience stores. It is bitterly cold, getting dark and starting to hail.

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