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Day 2: London. After arriving at the apartment in the early afternoon, I was raring to go and do some sightseeing. This is my first photo of the trip, taken just outside the apartment on Collingham Gardens. That's Bryan facing the camera and Melyssa looking away.

English street scene.

I love these English street scenes!

This is the Earl's Court Tube (subway) station. We would be here many times over the next week since this was the closest station to our apartment. It looked to be quite dilapidated (as did many of the other Tube stations) with temporary scaffolding and construction walls everywhere.

We came out of the Westminster Tube station and, Wow! There's Big Ben right across the street. With perfect timing, the bus pulled up just as I was about to take the photo.

I like how this shot came out. It was Bryan's idea to put the Underground sign in the foreground. That wavy thing is a glass canopy on the building behind me.

Bryan and I pose in front of the London Eye ferris wheel.

Now we're over closer to Westminster Abbey and I pose for a photo.

This is the side of Westminster Abbey. We didn't go in.

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