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Image Use Policy

Thank you for your interest in using my images. These images are copyrighted, which means you can not use them for any purpose without my permission.

Luckily, I hereby grant permission for the use of the roller coaster images on this web site for non-commercial uses, provided that you abide by the following simple requirements:

  • You must not try to pass off my work as your own.

  • You must not alter the images in any way other than resizing. This means, for example, that you cannot crop the images and the copyright notice must remain intact. Any resizing must preserve the original aspect ratio (so that the images don't look stretched or squeezed in either direction).

  • You must include a credit with my name (Allyn Fratkin) and the web site address ( somewhere in your document or web site, preferably on each page with one of my images. On a web site, the address should be a clickable hyperlink.

As a courtesy, I would appreciate an email letting me know how and where you intend to use my images (e.g., the web site address) and which ones you intend to use.

Commercial use of these images is strictly prohibited.

Comments? Feedback?
Send some email: Allyn Fratkin <>
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The images shown on these pages are Copyright © 1992-2003 Allyn Fratkin. Permission is required to use these images.