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A Quick trip to Panama

In September, AMPATH was invited to present at the PANNET Conference on Internet2 and virtual environments.  Before catching the plane home, my boss and I went on a tour of Panama City, and of course, we had to go see the Canal! Here are the few pictures - unfortunately, it was raining most of the day. :(

More specifics on the Panama Canal - how it works, etc. - can be found at the Official Panama Canal Home Page

That's Julio, with the skyline of Panama City behind him.
This was taken at Casco Viejo, the second-oldest part of Panama City.

This row of trees is the same length and width apart as
 the locks of the Panama Canal. Seems narrow, doesn't it?

The Panama Canal Office. The row of trees (above, right)
was directly behind me as I took this photo.

Miraflores Locks - the closest locks to Panama City,
and the entry point from the Caribbean to the Canal.  Unfortunately, we were not there in time to see a ship going through the locks.