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Thanksgiving 2002!

Instead of joining the rest of the Fratkins in Santa Barbara, I decided to brave the weather in Seattle (which turned out to be very nice!) and join my two aunts for Thanksgiving.  I was there from Monday 11/25 to Monday 12/2.  It went by sooo fast!

Tuesday, aunt Robin and I walked around "downtown" Redmond, WA. It's very nice. The Town Center has some shops we'd seen before (Borders, ...), and some we hadn't (Cow Pie Cookies!).

Wednesday, we took the bus into Seattle and took the Monorail over to Seattle Center (where the Space Needle is) to see the Experience Music Project (EMP).  We only went to the EMP store - the museum is $20 per person, and it didn't seem like it was our cup of tea.  So, we went back to downtown Seattle (love that monorail!) and went shopping! It was terrible, really. :)   Wednesday night, we went to see "The Full Monty" at the Fifth Avenue Theater. It turns out, it was the same cast that I saw in the production in DC.  What a fun show!

Thursday, of course, was Thanksgiving. Much time was spent preparing Mr. Turkey, who turned out beautifully (see below). We also had: stuffing; green bean casserole (NOT the French's onion kind! this was better!); apple-cinnamon squash; candied mashed sweet potatoes (with banana - don't ask!); and pumpkin pie and chocolate pie for dessert.  Oh, and don't forget the heart-shaped mold of cranberry jello! and no, I don't mean , I mean human-heart shaped.

Friday was shopping day.  First, we went over to Ballard to go to Archie McPhee. What Fun! We had Miyi's (australian meat pies) for lunch, there's an Aussie restaurant there. (yummy!)  Then we went home to rest, and later it was off to North Bend for the Outlet Mall.  We only had three hours there, but boy, we did some damage to our credit cards!

Saturday was back to downtown Seattle - first, to Pike Place Market (can't go to Seattle and not go there!). We bought fish, vegetables, pyroshky (more meat pies!), flavored honey, and sausages. [Aunt Robin played courier - she brought bagels, bialys and egg rolls from New York, and took sausages back for Uncle Bob!]  Then, we went to the Seattle Art Museum (the SAM) to see the Mexican Modernism exhibit, including art by Frieda Kahlo and  Diego Rivera.  WOW.  I listened to the audio guide in Spanish, too. :)  Of course, I forgot my camera (duh!) so the refrain for the day became, "... and you didn't bring your camera?!"

Sunday, back to the Outlet Mall!  Well, a different one. We drove up to the Outlets in Burlington, WA. We didn't go as crazy up there, but we were smart and packed our own lunches.

and then it was Monday again, and we left! :( 

Most of the pictures are from Wednesday.

The Space Needle, through the tree
(I didn't notice the strings of lights at the time)

Beautiful blue sky - can you believe it?

The monorail is very cool. It's $1.50 each way from downtown Seattle. We looked and looked, but we couldn't find any postcards of it.  Oh well.

The Experience Music Project building. The monorail track goes through the middle of the EMP.

EMP from the front
 (the entry door is another fifty feet to the left)

the monorail as it goes into the side of the EMP, with the Space Needle reflection (all in one shot!) :)



the Chef (Robin) hard at work! Nice hat!

But all that hard work paid off! Doesn't it look yummy!

Note the heart-shaped jello with the defibrillator paddles!