Chile 2001
New Year's 2002
Latha's Shower
Mel's 30! ACK!
Mel's 29 AGAIN!
Amee's Shower

New Year's in New York
2001 - 2002!!

Instead of hanging around in DC for New Year's, I decided it was time to experience the fun of the big apple!  Of course, Giselle was already there, having gone home for Xmas, and since her birthday is 12/29, there was much to celebrate! 

On Saturday night, we went out to the Silver Swan (after a yummy dinner with Aunt Robin at Andrea's on 3rd Avenue).  The Swan turned out to be an interesting experience... it is apparently a transvestite hangout after 10pm! So, we went across the street to 'No Idea'.

As usual, click for larger images.

Sheila and the birthday girl!

The group at 'No Idea'

More group pics...

Gigi sings along at 'No Idea' -
I have no idea what song it was!

Three chickies who used to
work together -- now we just play together!

Too cute! It was late, we were all happy...

On New Year's Eve, we went to Roosevelt Island for a party.

Party girls with fancy hats!
(I felt like an over-dressed Vegas showgirl with these feathers on!)

... ditto...

They're being cute again!

The group at Nicole's for New Year's - right before midnight!

Unfortunately, there are no incriminating pictures AFTER midnight, because Yuki threw so much confetti that we could barely find each other in the room! (and forget about whatever we had in our glasses, they were full of paper bits after that!)