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Melyssa's Flasher Collection!

For the first time since 1988, I had the opportunity to display my flasher collection, at the APIC National Capital Chapter's third annual one-day show.  I started collecting 'flashers' when I was 12 - my father said, "pick something you like, and collect it."  Flashers are those campaign buttons that change pictures when you move them back and forth. (Unfortunately, this makes it very difficult to get a good picture of them!)  I now have over 350 different political items, and about 50 more miscellaneous and international pins.

Click here to see the article about me in the Washington Post!  

Best JFK stuff, interesting square flashers, and uncut flashers

Best LBJ pins, uncut frames and other 1960's campaigns

Oldest flasher cards (see next pic), Ike pins and large square Ike flasher

TR/Wilson flasher cards, Ulysses S. Grant card, "The Kaiser Gets His"

Adlai and HHH on left; Most recent flashers on right (1972 - 2002)

Nixon and Goldwater - note unusual triple flasher, top left of BG frame!

10 Romneys, a few HHH's, and other misc. locals

Miscellaneous Locals!

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