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  Just for the fun of it!
bulletAmerica Rock! If you loved those Schoolhouse Rock songs as much as I did, here are some great links: http://www.school-house-rock.com/AmericaRock.html  and http://funnies.paco.to/SchoolHouseRock.html (lyrics) 
bulletNew pandas at the National Zoo in Washington - Tien Tien and Mei Xiang. Click here to see the PandaCam! (works best with IE). This year, there are two new bald eagles - Sam and Tioga. Aren't they beautiful?
bulletMy favorite heroine: Wonder Woman!! She is soooo cool! The fan site is called "Wonderland" :)
bulletI just found this neat site full of night pictures of abandoned places in the Southwest. 
bulletCheck out John Callahan's cartoons! You may find some of his material offensive, but that's the point.
bulletEver wonder what J. Edgar Hoover had in his files on Amelia Earhart? Elvis? Marilyn Monroe? This is the place!
bulletCuando estudie' en España, todavia no habia llegado el Internet. Ahora hay este sitio para la Universidad de Salamanca!
bulletOh, and for my friends who think dressing up like Santa is a good way to pick up women, here's the Santafest site... don't ask!.
bulletIf you're completely bored and need some games to play, go to puzzledepot.com - try feeding the pig!  Or PopCap.com for more fun games.



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