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Music Sites :
bullet I am a child of the 80's. This site lists the "Ultimate 80's songs", and has the song lyrics for all of them! (I wish it had .wav files too, but oh well.)
bulletBILLY JOEL!!! They are re-releasing all his CD's, digitally remastered with bonus CD Extra video clips! Cool!
bullet New favorites: the Grosse Pointe Blank soundtrack and the new U2 album
bullet Harry Connick, Jr. What a great voice -- and he's not a bad actor either!
bullet My favorite musical is Les Miserables, followed closely by RENT. I am also a new convert to the Blue Man Group!
bulletIf you like dark, scary musicals (and Sondheim), go see Sweeney Todd.   Here is some information about the existence of the REAL Sweeney Todd...







(The original Broadway poster, from 1979)