Vegas 2001
MBA Graduation
Cruise 2001!
Melyssa's Crochet


Ok kiddies, here are the photos! (click on the thumbnail for a larger image)

Crab feast - before the mess!

At Amee's beautiful house-warming


Lining up for the big event


Mike Rogers and Michael (Casey) Rodgers


Trying to stave off boredom during the undergrad diplomas!

My fan club!


The folks who made all this possible


The three musketeers, plus me!


Two girls who know waaaay too much about Lou!

Two grad-dads and a prof 
(and me)


"Oh Danny boy..."
(sorry, I had to do that!)


Aha! George really does exist!


Don't they look like troublemakers?

See, we're always talking!


Viv - we met during the fire drill on the first day of orientation!


... and of course, my personal favorite pic -- Lou, cut that out!

More pics coming soon!