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Melyssa's Crochet!

When I was in New York City for New Year's 2001-02, my aunt Robin taught me how to crochet.  I fooled around with some simple patterns, but I couldn't figure out what to make. Then, my good friends Nate & Suzy Tibbits had baby Will on January 17, 2002.   I decided that he needed a baby blanket... not just any baby blanket, mind you - if it was going to be from me, it had to be red white and blue, of course.

I searched the web and found a pattern (pdf) for a flag made out of afghan squares.  I took some digital pictures as I went along, so I could show everyone what I did!  The results are below.  If you crochet, you might notice that my squares go clockwise rather than couter-clockwise - that's because I'm a lefty!  (As usual, click on the pic for a larger image)

Other duckie recipients in 2004 - Hannah Diehl, Madison Black, Anika Shah Gupta, Leo Conley-Goldstein, Alexander Mockapetris, and Estella Rosen (Yes, I've been duck-crazy!)

I am now involved in the Arlington Stitch 'n' Bitch, and spending time at Knit Happens (our favorite little yarn store) in Alexandria.   I finally learned how to knit, but I have so many crochet projects to finish (and many more duckies to make) that I can't start any other projects just yet.

NEW: I couldn't just keep making duckies, so I
decided to turn the duckie pattern into a PENGUIN.
This one is headed to California (where they don't have many penguins) for Miss Melina Rosen. :)

Basically, I made the duckie in black yarn, with slightly longer wings and a bigger beak, and made a white "patch" for his belly. The scarf and hat were added for fun.

I finally made something for MYSELF! I found a book of sweater patterns and decided (after many different sample swatches) that this was the one.  Here it is on a chair - I will post a picture of me wearing it soon. :)

It's made of Mondial Splendid 100% Cotton yarn --
14 balls of it!  It weighs a TON.

I made this adorable sweater for my niece, Samantha. It is being delivered by her grandparents over Halloween weekend. I just hope it fits!
(the back side is reversed purple and blue).

In addition to the duckie I sent to Alexander M, his brothers (both 5 years old) requested their own animals - a spider, and a bat!  So I accepted the challenge, and here they are!

Here's Mr. Spider. Made with black yarn and long black pipe cleaners (which I crocheted around so they're softer and less dangerous). If you want the pattern, let me know. :)

Mr. Bat. You can't see the little red beads I sewed on for his eyes (red yarn looked awful!). He also has pipe cleaners in his wings to allow him to stand up. He was much more of a challenge. I haven't written out the pattern yet, but I will!

Here are the three animals as they were being boxed up
for the trip to California.  They were apparently very well received by their new owners.

This is my third duckie


full frontal duckie      duckie 'mug shot'


This is Aunt Martha's dog, Shamas, wearing the sweater I crocheted for him last winter. (those are supposed to be snowflakes and a doggie bone) :) 

I also bought a booklet of patterns for bags, so here are a few of the bags I made.

Black drawstring bag - approx 8" long x 5" wide. Made it in an hour so I'd have a bag to carry to a dinner out!

Same bag with r/w/b variegated yarn. The stripes happened automatically!

Baby socks with self-striping yarn. (I just made a smaller version of the socks I had made for myself) My first attempt at socks - not pictured here. As you can see, the stripes didn't exactly line up correctly, but they're close enough!

Finished all the squares, laid them out on the rug.

Sewed together each row of squares... changed the star arrangement.

Close-up of the rows sewed together

The finished product

Close-up of the finished flag (oops- got the camera strap!)

(picture coming soon)

Wilson George Tibbits -
the happy recipient of the blanket!

Once the flag was finished and given away, it was time to do something else - so I made GLOVES!
I used purple & green graded yarn. The left hand is better than the right...  still learning as I go along. :)

Any ideas for my next project? let me know!