Teri's Quilts

I've been quilting since 1992 when I took a "Quilt in a Day" class in San Diego with some friends. Since then I've made the following quilts...

Basically, I quilt because I don't have to be perfect at it.  My quilts can tolerate imperfections, flaws, upside-down patches, pieced patches, wrinkles, puckers, and downright mistakes.  At the same time it is an incredibly creative & expressive process.  This is summed up in my rules of quilting.

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Learn more about this Bearpaw quilt.
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Learn more about this flannel quilt.
After making these pillows, my obsession with "flying geese" was over.  These live at my sister's.
Cats are very important to the creative process.  They ensure the proper amount of chaos needed to engender creativity.
I made this baby quilt for baby Aisyah in Singapore.
I made this baby quilt (in an hour) for my niece Kasey.
I've wanted to make a "Storm at Sea" and a scrap quilt so I combined them.  In retrospect I think I would have used the same fabric for the light-value fabric, instead of scrap lights, because the pattern disappears close up.  But I find it very interesting to lie on scrap quilts & discover the different fabrics.  This quilt is at my mom's house in her new baby guest room.
Here is my MIL Judy and I working on yet another quilt.  Again, note the chaos necessary for the quilt phoenix to rise from...
The final layout without borders.
My MIL has been making these square-y quilts.  She has an excellent eye for color and her sewing is very precise.  This baby quilt went to a friend of hers.
I bought this feedsack quilt top on Ebay.  It is an old vintage handstitched quilt top was made of flour sack-feed sack material, purchased at a farm sale. 
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I made this quilt for my 27th birthday with a little help from my friends.
I made this quilt for my MIL to honor her 4 cats Huey, and Virginia, Misty, and Pickle.  It is a huge king size quilt and I vowed never again to make a quilt this large.  And I haven't!  Hand quilted.
Learn more about this cat and CAQ  (Cat-Aided-Quilting)!
I've been making quilts from the aloha shirt scraps I buy at Honolulu's Aloha Stadium swap meet.  I start off scrap quilts by just playing with different layouts.
The cats always take an active role by rolling in the scraps.  For some reason they are irresistable.
Luxor enjoys the finished quilt top.  I made this for my sister who casually mentioned one day that she wanted a quilt made out of aloha shirt fabric.  This picture does not display the correct colors.  Each of the blue squares is a different tropical scene.
This is a better rendition of the color, with my nephew Calder and mom Kay.  This is now one of Calder's quilts.
This is the purple & yellow quilt that was too ugly to give away.  I think it's not so bad now.
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