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Back to Chile!

In April, 2002, I went back to Chile, this time for business.  The First AMPATH International Conference was held in Valdivia, Chile on April 12.  I got to spend the whole week in Valdivia, setting things up and enjoying the local culture.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the scenery in Valdivia, only some pictures of us letting off steam. Enjoy!

Nacho, Ramiro & Fernando


In front of the Kuntsmann brew pub in Valdivia - Melyssa, Eric and Santhosh

Columns of beer at Kuntsmann - 2.5L of beer in each!

REUNA staff after their meeting concluded.

Marcela (la bruja!), Alfonsina and me, after we registered the LAST person for the meeting!

At Los Dominicos in Santiago- Santhosh, Eric, Guy and Chris

I will try to get more pictures of the actual scenery in Valdivia - it's a beautiful place. They even have their own web site: http://www.valdiviachile.cl Their chocolate factory, Entrelagos, is famous -- they also make wonderful marzipan.  I also discovered a wonderful Chilean sweet-treat called 'manjar', which is like a thick caramel.