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Hannah Elizabeth Diehl

July 2, 2003, at 5:51pm
6 lbs, 10 oz
20" long

Here's Hannah! I'm updating the page as I get new pictures, so be sure to send some! :)

Hannah and her daddy


She's starting to look like a little girl!
(week of August 21)

By day four, she looks like a real person... albeit a little bit small... 

... but she still sleeps in funny positions!

Check out those long skinny fingers and toes!

Hannah's Birth Day - July 2:  

Here she is in the arms of her proud papa, with her two grandmothers looking on (that's Savta Cheryl and Grandma Micki to you!)

Here's the Diehl family, with (another grandma) Dodi. 

Here's Hannah with Zeidy (Marty) - he was already having complete conversations with her, and she'd only been born for an hour!

Missing: Photos of Hannah with Grandpa(s) Frank and Poppy (Al), and with the Davis/Esanu clan, Uncle Kevin (both) and Aunt Melyssa.

Rest assured, there will be plenty more pictures to come!


Here are a few pictures from the Baby Shower, May 3, 2003:

Butter pound cake, cut and iced to look like baby blocks. If you want the recipe, I'll send it... but it's a LOT of work! :) The hard work paid off, though, because it looks beautiful!

The shower guests, eating a fabulous lunch prepared by Ms. Tracy Black (I helped a little). Tracy is available for catering, too! :)


I'm sure there are plenty of other shower pictures, but I was too busy running around like a madwoman to take any more.  Oh well.