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Amy Vogt & Rob Harris

July 19, 2003


Bachelorette Party

Bridal Shower

Rehearsal & Dinner

Wedding Pictures

Amy & Rob were married at the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church in Alexandria. It was a lovely ceremony.

But before there could be a wedding, there had to be a Bachelorette party!!!  Accompanying our fair bride-to-be on her evening adventure (July 12) were Ms. Liz W., Dr. Anne C., and myself.

We went to dinner at Paolo's in Georgetown. It was delicious.  We got stuck in a short but fierce rain storm - we escaped by visiting a very narrow but lovely purse store on Wisconsin Avenue, and then ran into Third Edition for a quick drink. [We will omit Liz's little "good luck event" from the story!] 

Once the rain stopped, we took a taxi to Polly Ester's to dance the night away. Of course, we were not the only bachelorette party with this same idea - when we got to the bar, the only men in the place were the bouncers and bartenders! It was ALL women. (Guys, that's a clue for you - get over to PE's on a Saturday night!)  While none of the other bachelorettes had a tiara like Amy's, there was some interesting headgear, to say the least. 


Here are the relatively incriminating photos. Judge for yourself...                               
[Sorry, no thumbnails. If the description interests you, click on it!]

bulletBefore we left the hotel (where the ladies had wisely decided to spend the night)
bulletQuick stop at Third Edition to escape the rain - a bevy of beautiful barflies!
bulletGo-go girls on the dance platform
bulletBack at the bar - we needed to rest!
bulletLiz & her "new friend" dancing
bulletAmy & Anne dancing
bulletLast shot of the night - we were dancing fools on the 80's floor again!

Bridal Shower Pictures, at the Wilsons' home in Falls Church. One side of the room was Amy's family, and the other side was all roommates! Amy has had 8 different roommates since she moved to DC in 1994 (not including Rob, of course).  That was part of the quiz that we all took to see who knew Amy best. Her sister Jenny won the prize!

bulletfew of Amy's roommates - Carrie, Anne & Jen
bulletAntonia, Carol and Alice
bulletAmy & girls chatting
bulletMary & Dorothy
bulletHaving a good laugh
bulletTaking the quiz
bulletRoommates taking the quiz
bulletTaking the quiz (3)
bulletCoffee & Chat
bulletMoms chatting
bulletAmy & bridesmaids at the shower (Amy has to learn to keep her eyes open!) :)

Rehearsal at MVU Church and Dinner at Il Porto.  Unfortunately, due to rush hour traffic in Alexandria, not everyone made it to the rehearsal. But we ran through the whole thing, and then managed to take over half of the upstairs room at Il Porto. The food was very good!

bulletDiscussing details with the wedding planner
bulletpracticing the vows (awwwww...)
bulletMary & Liz take a break
bulletScouting the gardens for good photo spots
bulletThe boys do a shot of ... was it Sambuca?

and finally, the Wedding! Everyone was nervous, but it went very well. Can't wait to see the official photos, taken by Amy's sister Jenny.  The outdoor garden at the MVUC was a nice place to have a reception, although it was a little humid.

bulletAmy getting her makeup applied (by a professional - Amy hates makeup!)
bulletDorothy and Carol watch the transformation
bulletBride & Bridesmaids, ready to begin
bulletAmy & Mary, the maid of honor
bulletAmy and her mom before the ceremony
bulletAmy and Lenore (aka Lenny) at the reception
bulletMr. & Mrs. Harris have their first dance (also pictured above)
bulletAnne & Mark watching the dancing
bulletAmy's roommates dancing
bulletMary, Daniel and Liz
bulletSuzanne lights one for Lenny (she doesn't really smoke!)
bulletThe girls from the Spain trip - Me, Lenore & Suzanne
bulletAmy chats with Scott & Jodi, who are getting married in a few weeks!

The newlyweds honeymooned in San Francisco (aka "Frisco") ... Hope to see you all soon!