Chile 2001
New Year's 2002
Latha's Shower
Mel's 30! ACK!
Mel's 29 AGAIN!
Amee's Shower

Oh my GAWD, I'm 30!

March 1, 2003 - 14 of my nearest and dearest friends and family joined me for FONDUE night at The Melting Pot in Arlington, VA.  Those of you who skipped it, you missed some fun!  (Just so you know, I actually turned 30 on Feb 25, but I didn't really feel older until we celebrated in grand style.)

(click on the thumbnail to see the larger pic )

The Diehls - well, 1 1/2 Diehl - Jeff is hiding behind the smoke screen!  Hope it's good for your pores!

awww... (Please don't poke each other with the fondue forks!) My brother does look a little sleepy, maybe it will wake him up? 

the 'Dame Edna' crew reunited, and all smiles...

Flaming chocolate and marshmallows! Who could ask for more in a dessert?!

ok, so maybe you could ask for more - how about the Yin-Yang chocolate & white chocolate fondue? Yummy!

Stu and the "phantom" Jenny! She's not his imaginary girlfriend after all! ;)


I blew out my candle so we could dip the cheesecake into the flaming chocolate.