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Judy & Josh's Wedding



Well, friends, Yenta #2 went and did it, she got MARRIED!

On April 26, 2003, outside Boston, MA, Ms. Judith Levinson married Mr. Joshua Weader.  And yours truly got to be a bridesmaid.  Here is the photographic evidence - some are beautiful pictures of happy people, and some are pictures that I risked my life to take!

At the rehearsal dinner - Jag Patel, Valerie Herold, and Sam and Kris Panico.

It took three people to get Judy's shoes on - she hadn't worn them yet, so the buckles were very tight!

the newlyweds in the limo, on the way to the reception!

Scott Sanger, Judy, and Paul Schnake

The Yentas and Scott! (he's such a lucky guy!)

Judy and her new cousins

the couple's first dance

the sheep (mascot) has some salad

the next morning -don't they look cute?

the CAR!

The other side of the car

Me, dressed as a bridesmaid, and the back of my hair - Shirley Temple! :)