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Our trip to Spain!

In March 2003, Giselle and I decided we had to get off our butts and go to Spain, since we'd been planning to go for YEARS!  Giselle had never been there, and I hadn't been back since 1994, when I got to spend a week back in Salamanca as a graduation present.  We decided we only had time to see one or two cities, so we settled on Barcelona and Madrid.  

The Itinerary:

March 12 - Depart Dulles for Barcelona, on KLM/NW (via Amsterdam)
March 13 - arrival in Barcelona - the taxi driver had no idea how to find our hotel! 
               The Catalonia Princesa Hotel was incredible - if you're going to Barcelona, you should stay there!
March 16 - 7am train to Madrid (waaay to early, but totally worth it - especially in first class!)
               Hotel Tryp Rex Gran Via - not as highly recommended, but very centrally located.
March 19 - Return flight from Madrid to Dulles (again, via Amsterdam)

The photos:

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Madrid  page 1  page 2

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