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Latha's  B * * *  Shower!


Amee played gracious hostess for a baby shower for Latha on Saturday, August 18. We were a small group, but we all enjoyed the yummy hors d'ouvres, and Amee came up with some fun shower games.

For example (see the missing letters, above?) each of us was given two trinkets, and anyone who used "the B word" had to give up a trinket to the person who caught it first!  I will admit, I was the first one to commit the foul, but after that, my hyper-competitive side kicked in, and I caught anyone who even THOUGHT about saying the word! (Needless to say, I won the game - even though I nearly shot myself in the foot while Latha was opening her presents... "What a nice BABY blanket! OOPS!" )

So here are the pictures!

 The first game: each of us had to cut a piece of string that we thought was the circumference of Latha's belly! Margaret decided that a few times around her waist was a good gauge -

Here's Latha doing the actual measurement so we'd know who was closest.  Ritu Agarwal was the best guesser on that one.  We did NOT actually measure Latha's girth in inches. :)

Then, Amee brought out baby 'onesies' and fabric pens, and we each got to design an outfit for the new "little person." (see, I'm still playing the B-word game!)


Here's a picture of (most of) the group - we were very sorry that Margaret had to leave early and miss the presents! (and hooray for cameras with timers!)


Last but not least, here's a picture of Latha and her son, at the end of the day.  She doesn't look pregnant at all, does she?)