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Amee's Shower

Amee's baby  Shower!



Poorvi was nice enough to host a baby shower for Amee on Saturday, May 8. There were over 20 people there, including other expectant mothers! We all enjoyed the yummy hors d'ouvres, and Roopal, Latha and Poorvi came up with some fun shower games.

First, Roopal quizzed us on Amee and Rohit's childhoods, and we were amused to find that neither of them ever cried, they both loved milk, and Rohit was never naughty (yeah, right!).  Then we tried to figure out how many squares of toilet paper it would take to go around Amee's growing belly (the answer: 11 or 12).  After that, we paired up to design 'onesies' for the baby, with fabric pens and puffy paint. And finally, Latha had us playing 'The Price is Right' with 10 baby necessities, from bibs to bottles to baby food. Who knew that stuff was so expensive! (although we all determined that Target has the best prices!)

So here are the pictures!

Even though the hostesses were convinced that there wouldn't be enough food, there was plenty of everything! and it was all very tasty.

The girls get to know each other.
(Sheila, Susan , Arlinda, Priya, Allison)

Smiling, happy faces (Jyoti and Rita) -
and Amee stuffing her face in the background.

Kavita and Latha

Taking Roopal's "How well do you know them?" Quiz:
Yolanda, Monica, Monisha, Beth, Jennifer

Amee didn't even know some of the quiz answers!
Pictured: Poorvi, Allison, Amee, Rita, Smeeta

Designing the perfect 'onesie' - Beth and Jennifer

(ditto, Smeeta and Rita)

Creativity everywhere!

Some of the finished onesies

more finished onesies

The girls from Business school! -
Latha, Melyssa, Kavita, Amee

Measuring (toilet paper) to see if we could guess Amee's girth
Pictured: Sheila, Susan, Sarah, Jyoti and Rita

Amee is in surprisingly good spirits after we determined that she was 11 tp squares around!
(Latha, Roopal, Amee,Susan  and Priya)

The yummy shower cake


Amee cuts the ducky cake

Amee and all of her shower gifts! Now if only she knew what to do with all of the loot!